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Braided Way

Spiritual Quest

5815 S. Main St

Clinton, OH 44216




The Spiritual Quest Foundation provides events and forums for people to deepen their spiritual awareness and explore their spiritual gifts.

The Spiritual Quest Foundation was founded in 2009 by Michael Olin-Hitt as an organization to support individuals and groups in spiritual development. Most of all, we aim our events and publications to aid people to recognize and develop hightened spiritual gifts and awarenesses.

The original idea for the Foundation came about because of the relationship between Michael Olin-Hitt and his mother, Donna Wert. Michael and Donna wanted to give others the support they themselves lacked in recognizing, developing and sharing their spiritual gifts.

Michael Olin-Hitt serves as the Director of the Foundation. As a 501.c3 organzation, we are run by a Board, which includes the following members:

  • President: Sandy Willmore
  • Vice President: Christopher Reynolds
  • Secretary: Janet Ross
  • Treasurer: Michael Durbin

Michael Olin-Hitt, Donna Wert

The founders of SQF:

Michael Olin-Hitt and his mother, Donna Wert.

(Photo taken in 2013)